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Dr. Maximilian Riewer

Cosmetic and General Dentist DDS (Germany)

Dr. Max has over 16 years experience in Cosmetic and General Dentistry working with prominent and VIP clients from all over the world. Many clients fly to Dubai over the weekend to be able to enjoy their treatment with Dr. Max as he is always available on Fridays. Dr. Max is one of the most popular dentists in Dubai in the local and expat community.

He started his career in Germany and Luxembourg and then moved to Dubai in 2003. His first clinic Dubai Sky Clinic Dental Centre was established in 2006.

Dubai Sky Clinic

At Dubai Sky Clinic we take pride in providing personalised, high quality dental care to maintain and enhance your smile. We believe in a preventative approach to your dental treatment. This ensures that you can maintain the highest standard of your oral health in the long term.

Featured Procedures

Dental Crowns

The dental team at our Clinic will recommend different types of crowns depending on the unique situation of the patient.

Dental Veneers

Dental veneers are generally shells in the shape of the teeth. They are custom made for each individual and prepared from composite or porcelain material.

Teeth Fillings

While the two most common types of fillings in Dubai are the silver amalgam and tooth-colored composite, there are other options out there as well. Here is a look at the different types of fillings that are available along with their advantages and disadvantages.

Teeth Whitening

Everyone dreams of white and bright smiles yet not everyone has the blessings. Many people hide their teeth or refrain from smiling for embarrassments due to discolorations and stains.

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Our Team

It’s a well known fact that success depends on a well-orchestrated performance by every one of the team members where each of them takes a critical part in every project.

Similarly, our team of doctors consists of experienced specialists providing professional services with a warm friendly approach. They collaborate together in order to provide the patient with the best treatment outcome.

Happy Customers

Great customer service from the front desk to the medical staff. Everyone smiles and seems to be happy, I think it all stems from the top…

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